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Newsarchiv: Institute for Social and Cultural Anthropology

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Jahr 2021

Guest Lecturer: Dr. Siarhei Liubimau

Dr. Siarhei Liubimau will join the Institute for Social Anthropology as a guest lecturer from the 1st of October until the 31st of December. He works at the European Humanities University and the Laboratory of Critical Urbanism in Vilnius where focuses on the city, energy, digitalisation, borders and social theory. In the upcoming winter semester, Siarhei Liubimau will teach the BA-course “Post Nuclear Urbanism: Cultures and Geographies of Energy Transitions”.

Jahr 2020

Online-Workshop zur Literaturrecherche

On the 14th of December, the Netzwerkstelle Ethnologie und Praxis organises a workshop about literature research and the tool HA:LIT. Further informations can be found on the poster!



In the Mitteldeutsche Zeitung (6-7/9/2020) Olaf Zenker comments on the current debate about the term "Mohr" in Halle. For the full interview follow this link   .

Frobenius Reserach Award

The Frobenius Research Award 2020 for an excellent dissertation in the subject of anthropology is rewarded to Dr. des. Lene Faust. The dissertation with the title "Im Namen der Toten. Eine ethnografische  Studie über die faschistische Nachkriegsszene in Rom" was submitted at the Martin Luther University - congratulations from the Institute for Social and Cultural AThe press release can be found here   .

Workshop: Ethnographic Film and Sound

A workshop on "Ethnographic Film and Sound", organsied by the Netzwerkstelle Ethnologie und Praxis, will take place on the 27th of November. Whilst this part will be an online session, a second, practically orientated part of the workshop will follow next spring. The full programme and registration link can be found here.

DGSKA Autumn School: Fieldwork Meets Crisis

The German Anthropological Association invites doctoral students to participate at an online autumn school, dating from October 21-23, to discuss anthropological fieldwork during the corona crisis: "The Autumn School takes its starting point in the current pandemic moment, which substantially affects our discipline. (Field) research cannot be conducted or changes significantly, the mobility of researchers is limited, physical proximity on-site is replaced by online contacts, planning security gives way to uncertainty."

For details about the programe and the application process, please see the document below.

Contribution to Affective Justice Symposium at Opinio Juris

In Opinio Juris’ Book Symposium on Kamari M. Clarke’s recent book - Affective Justice (Duke University Press 2019) - Olaf Zenker reflects on "Sentiments of Justice, Legalism and Affective Meta-Justice at the Dawn of Postliberalism   ."

Employment ad: Professor for Social and Cultural Anthropology (W3)

The Department for Anthropology and Philosophy at the Philosophical  Faculty I of the Martin Luther University, Halle-Wittenberg, invites  applications for the position of a tenured Professor of Social and Cultural Anthropology. The application deadline is July the 16th. For further informations, please visit the link below.

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The Corona pandemic hits the Democratic Republic of Congo. In the university magazine "Campus Halensis" our colleague Dr. Sung-Joon Park talks about his research on Ebola in the country and compares it with the current Corona pandemic. The interview (German language) can be found here   .

University calendar summer semester 2020

Attached you can find the university calendar for the Insitute of Social Anthropology, summer semester 2020.

Please be aware that the start of the semester has been postponed until the 20th of April. For further and updated information check the homepage of the institute or visit the homepage of the university.

Public Anthropology

Public Anthropology is set to be the central theme at the Institute for Social Anthropolgy in the summer semster 2020. Several public lectures, workshops and classes will take place.

Due to the coronavirus the workshop on April 23 - 24 has been cancelled.

Recently Published

Europa – Spiel ohne Grenzen? Zur künstlerischen und kulturellen Praxis eines politischen Projekts (Transcript),

edited by Asta Vonderu and Michael Bachmann.

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