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Asta Vonderau - Projects

Current Projects

C-Urge: Anthropology of Global Climate Urgency (2023-2027)

The overarching objective of this Doctoral Network is to respond to a  growing urgency expressed by European research councils and funding  agencies, as well as by governments, publics and students, that the  social sciences should contribute to our understanding of and engagement  with climate change.

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Logo of digihub

Logo of digihub

Logo of digihub

digihub is a joint project that aims to empirically reconstruct the change in higher education triggered by the switch to online teaching, both at the individual and organisational level, in order to provide recommendations for action for the design of digital higher education and to develop scenarios for the digitisation of higher education.

CityIndustries Research Network (since 2018)

Logo of the CityIndusries Research Network

Logo of the CityIndusries Research Network

Logo of the CityIndusries Research Network

CityIndustries    is an international research network that gathers scholars from various countries and disciplines, such as  Social and Cultural Anthropology, Sociology, Human Geography, Political  Sciences and Urban Planning.

Completed Projects

Supervised Projects

Current Dissertations

(Dis-)Order and the quest for future: Strukturwandel in Central Germany
Felix Schiedlowski

Accelerations, U-turns and emergency stops: skittering towards mobility transitions
Julia Kühl

Valuable Defaults: Collecting Contested Debts in Post-socialist Hungary
Balázs Gosztonyi

The Finances, Futures and Fights of the Frankowicze
Mathias Krabbe   

Completed Dissertations

Die Wohnsituation von Asylsuchenden in Leipzig. Eine Ethnographie der kommunalen Asyl- und Sozialpolitik
Stefanie Adamitz

Current habilitation projects

Completed Habilitation Projects

Postcolonial Digital Connections. Sociocultural Impacts of Digitization Processes in the Cultural Heritage Sector
Dr. Katja Müller