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Asta Vonderau


Asta Vonderau

phone: +49 345 55 24 195
phone: +49 345 55 24 201
fax: +49 345 55 27 603

room 207
Reichardtstraße 11
06114 Halle

office hours:
Thu 12 am - 2 pm

postal address:
Asta Vonderau
06099 Halle (Saale)

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Asta Vonderau

Research interests

Anthropology of governmentality and policy: globalization, Europeanization, post socialist transformation.

Anthropology of energy and ressources: social and environmental effects of digitization, (de-)industrialization, urban change in post-extractive capitalism, post-growth scenarios.

Methodology of Anthropology in/of data saturated wolds.

Regional: Europe (Lithuania, Germany, Sweden)

Lectures during winter semester 2020/21

Lecture: Introduction to Ethnology (online, BA)

Seminar: Extractivism (MA)

Seminar: Anthropology of Energy (BA)

Colloquium: Modes of Anthropological Knowledge Production

Lehrveranstaltungen im Sommersemester 2020

Seminar: Was war Sozialismus und was kam danach? (BA)

Seminar: Anthropologie der Energie (MA)

Seminar: Repräsentation und Reflexivität in der Ethnologie und Journalismus (MA)

Kolloquium: Modes of Anthropological Knowledge Production

Lectures during the winter semester 2019/20

Seminar: Provincializing Europe: Anthropologie EU-Europas

Vorlesung: Einführung in die Ethnologie

Seminar: Nach der Kohle: Anthropologie und Geographie der Ressourcen und der industriellen Arbeit

Kolloquium: Modes of Anthropological Knowledge Production