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Janine Hauer

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Janine Hauer, M.A.

Curriculum vitae

Janine holds degrees in European Ethnology (BA & MA) and Sociology (BA) from Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. After her Master’s in 2015 she worked as a lecturer and course coordinator before joining the IRI THESys (Integrative Research Institute on the Transformation of Human-Environment Systems, HU Berlin) in 2016 to pursue a PhD in human geography. She has conducted research on urbanization and land-use change in Burkina Faso focusing the socio-ecological consequences of these processes and the un/making of specific futures and resulting conte-stations. She has spent field research in Burkina Faso from September to November 2014, May to November 2017 and May to August 2018.

Janine’s current research project “Everyday life between chemistry and landfill: re/making and dealing with the legacies of industrial modernity” follows the problematizations and strategies of different actors in the Central German Chemical Triangle. Its central question is how society deals with the legacies of modern life and re/makes future legacies in the context of transformation and energy transition. How do the remnants, leftovers, and waste produced by our lifestyles permeate and influence the conditions of being-in-the-world, past, present, and future? How are these interactions framed, organized, planned, managed, implemented, and shaped and what knowledge underpins and is generated by these interactions?

Main fields of interest

human-environment relations, chemistry and society, contaminated sites/eternal burdens, (public) participation, time/temporality, anthropology of the future, ethnographic methods, critique and the role of anthropology in science and society, interdisciplinarity and co(l)laboration

Regional Focus

Burkina Faso/West Africa

Germany/Europe in its translocal connections