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Bauhaus an der Beringstraße: Eine kleine Archäologie der Supermoderne,“ Lange Nacht der Wissenschaft, Halle(Saale), 7/19.

Hunters and Traders in a Fluid World: Continuity and Change in a North Asian Borderland,” (panel organizer: History, Environment, and Cultural Resources in Northern Asia), International Convention of Asian Scholars (ICAS), Leiden, Netherlands, 7/19.

Far Eastern Borderlands: A comparative approach to informal space and networks in the Russian Far East,” Governing (Im-)Mobilities: International Borders, Borderlands and Bordercities (workshop), Durham University, UK, 5/19.


Reconstructing (De-)Industrialization Through Material Assemblages,” CityIndustries: Urban Industrial Entanglements (workshop), Martin-Luther Universität Halle-Wittenberg, 11/18.

Subversive Economies: Informal trade in a Russian-Chinese Borderland,” Borders from Below. Processes of Re- and De-Bordering within the Post-Soviet Space (workshop), Centre for East European and International Studies, Berlin, 11/18.

Forensic Infrastructure: Reconstructing Structural Violence and Resistance through material assemblages,” Vienna Anthropology Days (VANDA), Vienna, 9/18.

Progress in Ruins: Infrastructural (d)evolution among sea mammal hunting communities in Chukotka, Russia,” (panel organizer: Overcoming distance: Critical perspectives on infrastructural transformations and mobility), Conference on Hunting and Gathering Societies, Penang, Malaysia, 7/18.

Borderland Brokers: A comparative approach to trading networks in the North Pacific,” Association for Borderlands Studies Conference, Vienna, Austria & Budapest, Hungary, 7/18.

Treibgut: Fotographie und Ethnologie,”Lange Nacht der Wissenschaft, Leipzig,6/18.


Werewolves of the Sea: Deep Sociality along the North Pacific Rim,” The Cold, the Remote and the Social, Symposium, University Vienna, Austria, 11/17.


Hunters and Traders in a Fluid World: Towards a Maritime Anthropology of Northeast Russia,” Slavic-Eurasian Research Center Symposium – Russia’s Far North: The Contested Frontier, Sapporo, Japan. 7/16.


A Coast Gone Lonesome: The Social Archaeology of an Imperial Shatter Zone,” DGV Tagung, Marburg, Germany, 10/15.

Werewolves of the Sea: Human-Killer Whale (orcinus orca) relationship in the North Pacific,” Conference on Hunting and Gathering Societies, Vienna, Austria, 9/15

The Curse of Social Engineering: Settlement Structures, Urbanization and Native Economies in Chukotka, Russia,” Promoting Urban Sustainability in the Russian North, George Washington University, USA, 6/15.

Exquisite Commodities: Illicit Wildlife Trade in the Russian-Chinese Borderland,” Emergent Trends on the China Russia Border, Cambridge, UK, 3/15.


Subversive Economies in Russian Borderlands,“ Association for Borderlands Studies Conference, Joensuu, Finland & St. Petersburg, Russia, 6/14.


“Trading Against the State: Il/legal cross-border networks in the Russian Far East,“ DGV Tagung, Mainz, Germany 10/13.


Trans-Beringian Crossings: Informal Meshworks and Evasive Space in North Pacific Borderlands.“ Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association, San Francisco 11/12.

Informal space and networks in the Russian Far East: A comparative approach to North Pacific borderlands.“ Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers, New York, 3/12.


“Moving Against the State: Mobility and Spatial Strategies After Forced Migration in Chukotka, Russia,”7th International Congress of Arctic Social Sciences (ICASS VII), Akureyri, Iceland, 06/11.

“Moved by the State and Left Behind: Spatial practices of forced relocation in Chukotka, Russia,”Nomadic and Indigenous Spaces: Productions and Cognitions Conference, Leipzig, Germany, 02/11.


“Stalin – the sun. Colonial Encounters at the end of the world: A case study from Chukotka, Russia,”Annual Meeting of the American Society for Ethnohistory, Ottawa, Canada, 10/10.

The Geography of Resilience: Strategies of survival after industrial and infrastructural collapse in Chukotka, Russia,”Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers, Washington DC, 4/10.

Living Inside the Belly of the Beast: Architectural transformations in the Russian Far East,” Alaska Anthropological Association Annual Meeting, Anchorage, 3/10.


“Shades of Gray: Il/legal Politics and Entrepreneurship at the Margins of the Russian State,” Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association, Philadelphia, 12/09.

Gasoline Drums of Winter: Technology, brokerage, and cultural change in a contemporary hunting community of the Russian North,”BOREAS Final Conference, Rovaniemi, Finnland, 11/09.

“Ethnography on the Move: The State, Landscape, Memory, and Coastal Travel in Chukotka, Russia,” MOVE Final Conference, Rovaniemi, Finnland,11/09.

Moved by the State and Left Behind: A History of Forced Relocation in a Coastal Zone of the Russian North,” Fourth International Polar Year Symposium, University of Alaska Fairbanks, 3/09.

Beringian Ghost Towns: Reading the Fragments of a Ruined Past,” Alaska Anthropological Association Annual Meeting, Juneau, 3/09.

Lives in the Ruins of the Past: Local Reactions to Forced Relocations in a Borderland of the Russian North,” Society for Applied Anthropology Annual Meeting, Santa Fe, 3/09.

Ghost Towns at the End of the World: The Topology of Loss, Ruination and Remembrance in Chukotka, Russia,” Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers Las Vegas, 3/09.


That Wicked Deal: Parallel Power, State Penetration, and Organized Crime in Contemporary Russia,” Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association, Washington DC, 12/07.


The Face is the Evidence: On Terrorist Transformations and Stately Dissimulations in Contemporary Russia,” joint meeting of the Society for Psychological Anthropology and the American Ethnological Society, San Diego, USA, 4/05.

Shadow Networks: The Role of Ethnic Entrepreneurs and Organized Crime in the Russian Transition Economy,”SOYZ Conference, University Indiana, Bloomington, USA, 3/05.


Gray Market: The Shadow Realm Between Legitimate Business and Mafia Dealings. A Case Study from the Russian Far East.”Alaska Anthropological Meeting, Fairbanks, 3/03.


Violating the Body: Suicide and Accidental Death in Northern Russia.” CAES workshop “Industrial Impacts on Natural and Social Environments”, Apatity, Russia, 9/01.


The Golden Age?: Ethnoarchaeology of the Soviet-Era in Chukotka.” Conference on Siberia and the Circumpolar North, Vienna, Austria, 6/00.


Subsistence and Identity in Chukotka.” Annual meeting of the German Anthropological Association, Heidelberg, Germany, 10/99.


Traveling Artifacts: The Politics of Archaeology in Chukotka, Russia.” 11th Inuit Studies Conference, Nuuk, Greenland, 9/98.

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