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Sung-Joon Park - Selected Publications

Umlauf, René, and Sung-Joon Park. 2017. “Stock-Outs! Improvisations and Processes of Infrastructuring in Uganda’s HIV/Aids and Malaria Programmes.” Global Public Health 1692 (December):1–14.   .

Park, Sung-Joon and Grace Akello [forth] "The oughtness of care: Fear, stress, and caregiving during the 2000–2001 Ebola outbreak in Gulu, Uganda“ Social Science and Medicine. 194, p. 60-66.

Park, Sung-Joon 2017. ‘They overworked us’: Humiliation and claims to recognition of volunteer nurses in the aftermath of the Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone   . Medicine Anthropology Theory 4 (3).

Park, S.-J. 2016.  Measuring PTSD: Circumstances,  the Language of PTSD, and Prolonged States of Disorder in Northern  Uganda. In: Journal of Peace and Security Studies 2 (2).
JPSS_Mental_Health_2016_Measuring_PTSD_Circumstances_the_Language_of_PTSD_and.pdf (173.5 KB)  vom 29.11.2016

Behrends, A, S.-J. Park, R. Rottenburg 2015. Debatte - Replik auf Röhl. In: Zeitschrift für Rechtssoziologie 35(H2): 313-317.

Park, Sung Joon 2015. IRBs as traveling technologies: between regulation and virtues". In Notes from within and without - research permits between requirements and "realities". Edited by Ulf Engel, Claudia Gebauer, and Anna Hüncke. Working Papers of the Priority Programme 1448 of the German Research Foundation, 23-27.

Park, S.-J.
2015. 'Nobody is going to die': An ethnography of hope, indicators, and improvisations in the provision of access to treatment in Uganda. In: A world of indicators. R. Rottenburg, S.E. Merry, S.J Park, J. Mugler, eds. Cambridge University Press.

Rottenburg, R., S. E. Merry, S.-J. Park, J. Mugler, (eds.)
2015. A world of indicators: The making of governmental knowledge through quantification. Cambridge University Press.

Park, S.-J. and R. Umlauf
2015. Caring as existential insecurity: quarantine, care, and human insecurity in the Ebola crisis. Somatosphere November 24, 2014.

Whyte, Susan Reynolds, Sung-Joon Park, George Odong, Moris Ojara, and Alice Lamwaka 2015. The visibility of non-communicable diseases in northern Uganda. African Health Sciences 15 (1)

Park, S.-J.
2014. Staging global public health: Workshops, technologies of participation, and the authorization of knowledge in antiretroviral therapy in Uganda. Working Papers of the Priority Programme 1448 of the German Research Foundation, no. 6

Behrends, A., S.-J. Park, and R. Rottenburg
2014. Travelling Models: Introducing an Analytical Concept to Globalisation Studies. In Travelling models in African conflict resolution : translating technologies of social ordering. Edited by Andrea Behrends, Sung-Joon Park, and Richard Rottenburg. Leiden: Brill, 1-42.

Behrends, A., S.-J. Park, and R. Rottenburg, (eds.)
2014. Travelling Models in African Conflict Management: Translating Technologies of Social Ordering; Brill: Leiden.

Park, S.-J.
2012. “Stock-outs in global health: Pharmaceutical governance and uncertainties in the global supply of ARVs in Uganda”. In: Rethinking Biomedicine and Governance in Africa. R. Rottenburg, W. Geissler, J Zenker, eds. Bielefeld: Transcript.

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