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Norman Schräpel, Mitarbeiter am Seminar für Ethnologie


Norman Schräpel

phone: Tel: +49-(0)345 - 55 24189
fax: Fax: +49-(0)345 - 55 27326

room 302
Reichardtstraße 11
06114 Halle (Saale)

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Norman Schräpel

My principle research interest is the role of technologies (in particular information and communication technologies - ICTs) in the use for health care delivery. The ethnographic data of my research comes from (bio)medical contexts in South Africa and more recently from Rwanda. My research can be seen at the intersection of Social Anthropology and Science and Technology Studies and focuses on translations that these technologies provoke (e.g. new figurations, expectations and creative adaptations).

Research Interests

Data infrastructure, HIV/AIDS in Africa, information- and communication technologies, bureaucracies and organisations, translation, therapeutic apparatus, actor network theory, visual anthropology

Research Areas

Ruanda, Südafrika